The Next Evolution in Charitable Funding

Mint your "Little Legends" NFT and help support underserved children by providing new athletic shoes. Your $100 tax deductible donation will continue to serve children for years to come.  No crypto, no problem, you can donate using traditional methods and still get your collectible "Little Legends" NFT.

Little Legends Sample NFT

Gearing up for Shoes That Fit!

Through strategic partnerships with charities like Shoes That Fit, Backers Charity is contributing to tangible change in underprivileged communities, proving that innovative technologies can indeed serve as powerful tools for good.

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perpetual funding

Resources available when you need it most.

Founded on the principles of community, sustainability, and innovation, Backers Charity seeks to ensure every donation has a lasting impact. Our model not only ensures perpetual funding for our partner charities, but also fosters a vibrant community of donors, rewarding their generosity with exclusive events, rewards, and access to an emergency lending facility.

Donate to Causes You Care About
Returns Fund Charity for Years
A Portion Straight to Charity
Tax Reciept for Donation
A Portion Invested and Grown
Exclusive Perks for donors

Creating real value for our donors.

Backers Charity pioneers a new approach to charitable giving by embracing the financial power of an endowment-style investment model. We allocate 90% of all contributions to a well-diversified investment portfolio. Returns from this strategic investment are used to perpetually fund our partner charities, grow the portfolio, and establish a lending resource for our donor community.

Access To Bonus Content & Airdrops
Access To NFT Lending Platform
Access Montly Webinars and AMAs
creating real relationships

Ongoing support for lasting change.

By properly managing donations we ensure that funds are distributed every quarter to our partner charities. At Backers, we make lasting commitments to the communities we serve. Over time, our partners can reduce their dependence on the existing donor base.

Built with users in mind

NFTs without the hassle

The process of obtaining your first NFT can be daunting. You usually need an exchange account, some Ethereum, a Web3 wallet, and access to a whitelist. If you don't know what any of those are, don't worry, we have made things simple. You can donate to your favorite cause using traditional methods such as Debit/Credit cards or ACH, as well as crypto currencies. Our registration process will automatically create a wallet for you if you don't already have one.

Backers Charity, changing how we fund those who serve our communities.

Why DONATE with backers

Perpetual revenue for charities, communities and individuals


Helping groups that tackle societies messes, by providing resources perpetually.


We provide ongoing resources, every quarter, to the communities we serve.


We are building the Backers NFT lending platform so that we can be there for our donors.