The Next Evolution in Charitable Funding

Backers™️ is the first of its kind project, combining NFTs and charity with managed finance to create ongoing funding for our customers and the causes they care about.

The worlds first "Performing Art"

With Backers, every dollar that is donated is used to fund charity. By partnering with licensed private hedge funds, we create funding for charity by creating endowments dedicated to changing the world.  When you own Backers' artwork, you will fund lasting change while creating ongoing income for the causes you care about. 

perpetual funding

Resources available when you need it most.

When hard times hit, everyone is affected. Our schools, groups and charities need to be resourced to provide assistance, regardless of the current economic situation. By establishing and growing asset pools, these groups will become self-sufficient, no longer depending on the community for survival, but now, fully resourced, able to be a source of support for generations.

Donate to Causes You Care About
Returns Fund Charity for Years
A Portion Straight to Charity
100% Tax Deductable
A Portion Invested and Grown
Exclusive Perks for NFT Holders
retaining value

Setting a new standard for charities.

The Backers fund will create a perpetual funding model for the charities that we support.  Over time, the returns from the asset pool will replace the need for outside funding. NFT holders will have access to exclusive content and access to upcoming Backers events.

Retain and Grow Value
Fund Causes Perpetually
Monthly Masterclass webinars for our donors.
Creating real relationships

Ongoing support to fund lasting change.

By creating endowments, we create investment returns that are distributed every quarter to our partner charities. At Backers, we make lasting commitments to the communities we serve. Over time, our partners ca reduce their dependence on the existing donor base.

Built with users in mind

NFTs without the hassle

The process of purchasing your first NFT can be daunting. You usually need an exchange account, some Ethereum, a Web3 wallet, and access to a whitelist. If you don't know what any of those are, don't worry, we have made things simple. You can donate to your favorite cause using traditional methods such as Debit/Credit cards or ACH transactions. You will need a wallet to receive your NFT. The process of creating one takes about five minutes and we are here to help with that. For our crypto savvy donors, you will be able to mint directly from our site.

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Why mint with backers

Perpetual revenue for charities, communities and individuals


Helping groups that tackle societies messes, by providing resources perpetually.


We provide ongoing resources, every quarter, to the communities we serve.


Making a positive impact and creating lasting change by obtaining community buy-in