The next evolution in DeFi and NFTs

Backers™️ is the first of its kind project, combining NFTs and charity with decentralized finance to create a perpetual funding for our customers and the causes they care about.

The worlds first "Performing Art"

With Backers, every dollar that is used to purchase our art is used to fund charity. By partnering with licensed cyrpto hedge funds, we create perpetual funding for charity be creating crypto endowments dedicated to changing the world.  When you own Backers' artwork, you will fund lasting change while creating perpetual income for the causes you care about. 

perpetual funding

Resources available when you need it most.

When hard times hit, everyone is affected. Our schools, groups and charities need to be resourced to provide assistance, regardless of the current economic situation. By establishing and growing asset pools, these groups will become self-sufficient, no longer depending on the community for survival, but now, fully resourced, able to be a source of support for generations.

We Sell Amazing Art
Returns Fund Charity
10% Straight to Charity
100% Tax Deductable
90% Retained and Grown
Satisfaction Guarantee
retaining value

Setting a new standard for DeFi.

The Backers fund will create a perpetual funding model for the charities that we support. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to our customers. If you are not happy with our execution or mission, we will buy back and burn your NFT. Soon users will be borrowing against their artwork with liquidation-proof loans.

Retain and Grow Value
Fund Causes and Users
100+ Rekt
Projects that have gone to zero
growing value

You can't make something out of nothing.

Many projects and protocols start by handing out tokens or NFTs to influencers to have them shill their projects, only to have them dump right after launch, crashing the floor price. As our protocol is designed to capture the value used to create it, no NFTs have been, or will be, minted at a discount and given away to our community, shareholders, founders or influencers. Every Backers NFT will be minted at full price.

Built with users in mind

What can you expect?

Your NFT will give you access to exclusive content as well as access to our bi-monthy Master Class webinars, Q&A sessions and AMA's with crypto experts, social media influencers and marketplace leaders. Sessions will cover a multitude of topics to benefit our customers. NFT holders will be eligible to receive upcoming airdrops as well as utilize our lending platform to borrow against the value of their NFT with liquidation proof loans. Users swill get a tax receipt from Backers Charity, a licensed 501c3, that receives all funds and makes grants to the charities that we support. Finally we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Give us 90 days to show what we can do and if you are not satisfied, we will buy back and burn your NFT.

800+ Rescued
And over 800 arrested
resourcing change

Resourcing Organizations that Serve Us All

By retaining and growing assets, we establish perpetual funding for groups that are impacting our world in a positive way. We begin with Operation Underground Railroad. They will receive 10% of the drop immediately, along with perpetual revenue from the hedge fund, to rescue and rehabilitate victims of child trafficking and exploitation.

Our mission

The next evolution of resourcing those in need

NFTs with real value

Every future drop will increase the size of the asset pool, floor values are protected and grown.

Utilizing Cyrptocurrency

We utilize licensed crypto hedge funds to grow the funds from the drop, providing perpetual returns for the charities we support.

Whitelisted drop security

All drops are whitelisted to provide security as well as to ensure a fair drop and wide release.

Exclusive Access

Your NFT will grant you access to upcoming Masterclass style webinars with industry leaders as well as make you eligible for upcoming airdrops.

What's next

Liquidation-proof loans are next up. Our clients will be able to borrow against the value of their art without fear of loss.

Register today to take part in the next Backers drop.

Why mint with backers

Perpetual revenue for charities, communities and individuals


Helping groups that tackle societies messes, by providing resources perpetually.


Local Centers are vital to our success, but when times are tough, resources run thin.


You are funding lasting change, supporting groups that are making a real difference.