Preparing to Purchase NFTs

You will need to purchase enough Ethereum to cover your mint costs.

To gain access and be informed of the Upcoming Drops

Detailed Instructions

Preparing to Purchase NFTs

# Step 1 – Install Metamask in your web browser:
- Go to
- Select the “Download” icon at the top right corner.
- Select the appropriate extension for your browser. Select “Install MetaMask”
- Create a password- Set up a secret phrase
-- Save your secret phrase somewhere safe (not online, but not locally where it can't be lost). -- Do not lose this!
-- Click “Next”, select the phrase in the correct order, and then select “Confirm”
- Once you see “Congratulations”, select “All Done”

Step 2 – Purchase Ethereum –
- You will need to purchase one Eth for each NFT that you want to purchase.
- You can purchase Ethereum from Coinbase using this link: Purchase using Coinbase.
- You can use your debit card to purchase, however you will have to wait up to 5 days to transfer it to your Metamask wallet, so be sure to do this a week prior to the mint.

Step 3 – Transfer Ethereum –
- Once you have purchased Ethereum, you will need to transfer the Ethereum to your newly created Metamask Wallet.

Step 4 – Mint your NFTs –
- Once the sale is live, visit the drop page where you will be able to connect your wallet and purchase your NFTs.
- Select the number of NFTs that you want to purchase and select 'Mint" (Max 5/wallet)
- Sign the transaction in your wallet “Verify the Details” before submitting.
- After 30-45 seconds you will see your NFT show up at the bottom of the page.

Step 5 – View on OpenSea –
- You may also go to OpenSea Servers to see the NFT in your wallet.