Upcoming Drops

Some for Charity, Some for Fun, Something for Everyone


Our first drop will benefit Operation Underground Railroad and will provide perpetual funding for their missions and rehabilitation of those they rescue.

Perpetual Sweepstakes

The first of its kind perpetual sweepstakes. Your ticket never expires. The prizes grow monthly and the drawings happen every hour. As the prize pool grows, so does the value of your ticket.

Still a Secret

We are working on a few more partnerships and we hope to announce them soon.
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This is what we have in store for 2022

Crypto Returns

Our NFT holders will receive rewards from the protocols, these will be either airdropped or available to claim directly from the platform.

Risk-Proof Borrowing

Borrow against the value of your NFTs and never worry about liquidations. Let your returns pay back the loan so you don't have to.

Charitable Giving

Donate your returns directly to charity and receive a tax receipt. You will be able to split returns and allocate as you see fit.

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